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Type 86 Clearance

The USA Ecommerce market is readily accessible for low value (<$800 value) shipments that are non-contentious.  This is the perfect route for Ecommerce retailers who wish to access the US market.  W have extensive experience in Type86 clearance and can help with commodities that are not Type86 compliant.

Customs Compliance

Over 30 years of cross-border, freight and parcels experience has taught us everything we need to know to make sure that your international movement is fully compliant.

HTS Codes

Our technology platform can assist you with the application of the correct harmonised tariff code/s and ensure that your shipment is dealt with rapidly and efficiently.

Box on conveyor belt


We have full AEO and MOU status.

European Shipping Specialists

Bonded Warehouses

We have established bonded warehouses and can set up approved facilities for clients who wish to benefit from the optimisation of VAT and duty payments for shipments in transit or that would benefit from a delay in the application of taxes until the point of sale or export/import.

Mark 3 International - USA customer specialists


An External Temporary Storage Facility can be a useful way of avoiding potential delays through Customs. Mark 3 has and is experienced at setting External Temporary Storage Facilities to optimise compliant transit.

Regulated Agent

As a registered agent and approved fast parcel operator Mark 3 has all the credentials required to optimise your transit operations.

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