GDPR Security Statement

Information held

CONTROLLER: all controller information can be accessed via our Navigator processing system. The data we store is held in a secure cloud environment behind firewalls and IP address restrictions. The data is used for accounting and business contact. Mark 3 employ less than 250 employees and the information provided is therefore limited per the ICO checklists.


Policy statement

Mark 3  is a wholesale courier company (Processor) and provides a service to retail courier companies (Controllers) to facilitate delivery worldwide.  We do not collect data direct from the consumer.

Any data we hold about our customers (Controllers) does not include any special types of information, we hold business name, address, email, phone number.

Mark 3, as a processor makes sure by including in the employment contract (clause 28) the people processing the data have the duty of confidence, and it reflects so in their contracts.

Mark 3 will assist the data controller in meeting its GDPR obligation to the security of processing.

Mark 3 is committed to notify the Controller any data breaches.

Mark 3 will only hold the data the time strictly necessary to comply with the set of laws that apply to the business.

Mark 3 only acts on the written instructions (via manifest or email) of the controller.

Mark 3 use data to accomplish delivery of goods including UK and destination customs.

Mark 3  understands the requirements of confidentiality, integrity and availability for the personal data it processes.

Deleting of Data

Corporate data falls outside of the GDPR but we can as required delete data from our systems. Should you require to have larger sets of data deleting, this will need to be undertaken by the database administrators and we will be able to quote on request.

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