USA Ecommerce

With 30 years US express parcels experience it was natural that Mark 3 would lead the way in Ecommerce transit to the USA.  As the dynamics of express, small parcel movements shifted from business to business to business to consumer with the advent of Ecommerce sales Mark 3 lead the pack in creating inventive ways to move parcels into the USA.

Multiple gateways

We are able to import by air or sea into multiple gateways in the USA

New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Long Beach

This gives us flexibility to be able to inject into a range of last mile carriers and offer maximum flexibility to buy air freight capacity at optimum rates based on the speed, price, service trade off required.

Transit optimisation

Our unique handling node at Heathrow can scan and sort small parcels and manage outbound and inbound freight.  Our unique, digitally connected sortation machine can scan, weigh and measure parcels and use the information available to optimise transit by building containers efficiently, zone skipping for last mile optimisation or selecting out non-compliant parcels so they can be shipped in different ways.

The agility and flexibility afforded by this capability makes us an agile and flexible partner.

UK to USA Freight Shipping

Returns handling

100% out.  Up to 40% back!

Managing Ecommerce returns is an important consideration.  We have long experience with our clients managing returns in the most optimal way taking into consideration the potential for re-sale, sustainability and rapid refunds to customers to keep them satisfied and loyal.  Returns can be a standalone project or be part of an overall Ecommerce solution.

Airline relationships

Our extensive airline relationships are deployed to your advantage.

As a long standing customer of all the leading airlines we have excellent relationships and get great service.

The benefits of these relationships is passed to our clients.

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