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Shipping Specialists


Three decades.

Mark 3 are privately owned, founded in 1990, and remain a leader in express parcel and freight logistics.

With specialist experience in the USA and Europe the Mark 3 team has driven novel developments in parcel transit always with a focus on proactive service delivery and inventive solutions to optimise speed, efficiency, and visibility. As early adopters of technology solutions we have stayed ahead of and fully exploited the latest technology.  This makes us agile and easy to work with whatever the level of our clients’ technology maturity, legacy systems or no systems!

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We watch constantly and strive to predict problems before they become problems.

We look ahead, plan ahead, and most importantly we communicate with our customers so that they can do the same. This proactivity is at the heart of Mark 3.

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Our people know what they are doing.  The elite Mark 3 team is steeped in cross-border logistics and express parcel delivery.

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We have long-established relationships with airlines, customs, brokers, handlers, and experts in all aspects of logistics.

A trusted network built over 30 years, established credentials and reputation put us in a superb position to create bespoke solutions to solve logistics needs.

Our clients include Post Offices, global integrated carriers, regional couriers, fulfilment firms, aggregators and blue-chip corporates.

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Services and Solutions

  • Ecommerce Solutions

    from Handshake to Final Mile.
  • Type 86 Clearance

    Quick release, low cost solution.
  • Cross Border Logistics

    Customs and more
  • Returns Handling

    Managed, delivered.
  • Courier

    Next day delivery to door.
  • Freight

    Mark 3 handle every size of freight shipment.
  • Import

    Courier, Timed Courier, Freight.
  • Special Deliveries

    Delivery or collection however obscure.

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