Parcel Handling

Intelligent parcel management

Proactive management

We treat every parcel like a customer service call.  Every parcel is a bundle of opportunity to surprise and delight a customer.  The way to do this is to look ahead.  What is happening?  What could go wrong?  How do we mitigate issues?  By constantly looking and questioning we stay ahead of issues.  Our ethos is to know there is a problem before the customer experiences a problem.  Things go wrong.  It is inevitable.  We manage issues, in advance.  Proactive parcel love is what we call it.

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We can ingest parcel data in multiple ways depending on the technology maturity of our clients.  From a manual web form entry, file upload or API.  We check, clean, validate and harmonise data and store it in our secure, state of the art cloud platform.

This platform makes handling and parcel processing a breeze.  We always know where a parcel is.  We can enrich parcel data with location information and use parcel data to simplify documentation including customs declarations.  Our platform offers end-to-end visibility so that our teams, our partners, and our customers are all looking at the same information.  Nothing hidden.  No smoke and mirrors.  Just solid, clean data upon which to report and make decisions.

Break and build

Parcels come and go in many ways.  Loose.  In gaylords.  In boxes, bags and containers.  Building and decanting these containers is an art.  It needs to be done efficiently, carefully and in a planned way to optimise the use of space and to take care of the parcels.  We are experts at break and build.

Scanning and tracking

Keeping track of parcels is a vital part of efficiently managing the transit chain.  Our digital platform enables regular parcel scanning to enable real time reporting on a parcel’s whereabouts.

This keeps us and our customers informed.  We are at the forefront of active and passive tracking and are experimenting with new technologies including Bluetooth low energy that holds the promise of parcel tracking without scanning.

Watch this space!

Sortation & transit optimisation

Our intelligent, digitally connected node at London Heathrow is at the cutting edge of Ecommerce parcel transit.  This facility can scan and sort small parcels and manage outbound and inbound freight.  Our unique, digitally connected sortation machine can scan, weigh and measure parcels and use the information available to optimise transit by building containers efficiently, zone skipping for last mile optimisation or selecting out non-compliant parcels so they can be shipped in different ways.  The agility and flexibility afforded by this capability makes us an agile and flexible partner.

Xray screening

We have in-house screening capabilities that enable us to get built containers to the airport quickly and efficiently and minimise any loss of time from security delays in airline freight sheds.

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