Our Market Sectors are varied and include:

From Ecommerce

Fashion & Shoes

From fast fashion to designer couture.  Each has its market.  Each has its needs.

High volume lower value merchandise for the mass market presents interesting logistics challenges.

High pressure on price but consumers who are highly digitally literate and demanding when it comes to visibility and knowing where their parcel is.  At the high end couture presents additional requirements for white glove handling, high value clearance and exceptionally sensitive client interaction.

Toys, books & games

These stalwarts of the Ecommerce market have high international appeal, particularly in the US market.

They can be readily and easily handled with attention to detail.

Jewellery & accessories

Low-cost accessories and high value precious metals.

Like the different segments in fashion, jewellery logistics need to be tailored to the needs of the manufacturer, retailer and customer.


Eternally popular in overseas markets and particularly the USA, managing efficient and effective USA delivery opens a vast English-speaking market for these goods.

Shipping Specialists


Often subject to specific customs and border protection scrutiny and processes, cosmetics need to be handled properly and in line with customs and border regulations.

This is all part of the art of effective cross-border Ecommerce transit.  Adapting to the needs of different commodities is vitally important.

European Shipping Specialists

Exhibitions, Pop Ups, Gallery events and Photoshoots

A vital part of virtually every brand’s market presence, the effective logistics management of exhibition assets is a great test of logistics capability.  Often with items coming from a range of sources, manufacturers and countries all having to get to a specific location on time and then assembled, maintained and, often, disassembled and returned.  This is a test for the best of specialist logistics planners.

Mark 3 has extensive exhibitions experience and works with clients to optimise their exhibition experiences.

We coordinate and manage difficult projects, moving all manner of goods to photoshoots and popup events whether in the heart of NYC or to the desert in Arizona or on a Swiss mountain side.

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