Cloud-based transit platform

Our technology platform is in the cloud.  It is designed to connect all the transit parties together.  We get data early and we add to it as the parcel or shipment moves.

Agile data management

Our systems are super flexible and use the latest technology.  We can enable web form order entry, file upload or API connectivity depending on your needs and technology maturity.  We can get data in and out securely and efficiently.  This makes processes very efficient and reliable.

End to end transit visibility

Visibility is king. We and you need to know where every shipment is.  Our platform allows us to do this. With flexible journey planning and comprehensive milestone and status reporting we keep everyone informed so that all the key parties can get access to the data they need.  This visibility supports our proactive tracking, forward view, risk management and mitigation.

Leading edge technology team

Our tech team is of the moment.  They have worked in innovative start-ups, in huge multi-national enterprises and have advised clients on digital innovation and disruption.  They are instrumental in moving Mark 3 into the new world of connected logistics.  Our tech team are digitising our capabilities and Mark 3 is, once again, pioneering the way forward in cross-border logistics building on our wealth of experience and heritage.

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